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David and Stephen Flynn are owners of the Happy Pear restaurant and health food shop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.   The start of their walk is in Avoca, Co. Wicklow, known as the Garden County, only one hour from Dublin city centre. Once they leave their starting point at The Meeting of the Waters beside Avoca Village, they rise gradually to reach a peak at the Motte Stone before slowly descending to arrive back at the Meeting of the Waters again.  This walk is 10km long and passes through some of the most historic and scenic parts of County Wicklow.

Robert Kelly is the guide on this walk, meeting the brothers as they leave the village via the main road, which runs parallel to the Avoca River. Within 20 minutes they are in Wicklow’s picturesque and historic countryside, taking in the view of Tigroney, a place thought to be one of Ireland’s first Christian settlements. Along the way Robert points out the habitat of the Red Kite, a bird of prey which had become lost to Ireland until Wicklow Red Kite project successfully re-introduced the bird back into the Irish countryside.

David and Stephen continue the walk on their own and make their way towards the mining zone.  The mines operated from the late 1700’s until 1982 but their legacy remains and is visible everywhere.  Their walk takes them uphill to a viewing point called Crone Bane, which has panoramic scenes across the whole valley. They meet Tom Connolly who recounts his working life in the mines. The cross here commemorates miners who died in the Avoca mines

David and Stephen ascend to the Motte Stone which is the half way mark on the walk and has some of the most spectacular views of Wicklow.  On the way the brothers stop to forage for wild berries, meeting Clothilde Walenne, a forager and chef.  They complete the loop walk, re-joining guide Robert Kelly at The Meeting of The Waters, where they began.  David and Stephen take time to reflect on their journey.

Episode Summary

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    14th April 2017

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    OSI Discovery Series Sheet 56

Map of the Avoca Walk
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